is a design driven brand that produces quality products. Driven to provide customers with the perfect product and accessories, our product has been thoughtfully designed from the ground up to include details that aid in daily journey. Like the artists in their element, the Modernist is an expression of the creativity and imagination of the Modern world. Drawing inspiration from all corners of the world, this unique and unconventional collection is for those who wish for something different.

Join the community where tastemakers rule the day, be part of the story instead of reading about it later. Here at Modernist Look, we prefer to ride ahead of the pack, where there’s always something new to discover.  We take an exclusive look at the most innovative, trendy and iconic products, and thought-provoking content. We offer you the best value available online consistently to keep you up to date with the latest trend. Our vision is to show you the world, in ways you never would have expected. Everything has its own unique story. We just happen to tell the best ones.

Online shopping is nothing new, however a store which offers lifestyle products with tailored blog didn’t exist. We believe in a discovery based destination that offer only the best innovative products that would delight and surprise. Ranging from watches, sunglasses to backpacks. In Modernist Look, we showcase the best in home design, tech and fashion. How do we do it? We are a team of treasure hunters, we know what to look for and how to find it. One of our members is a watch treasure hunter who lives and bleeds watches. He spends 70-80 hours a week on forums and blogs hunting the best in the watch world. The story is true for all of our treasure hunters.

We only work with reliable and trustworthy vendors who ship us the sample products to check over. There’s a system of checks to ensure authenticity and quality. The items are price checked to make sure that we offer the best value online. It’s our commitment to you. Don’t be just the reader of the story, join us.